Launch of SpeakYourMind

The Magazine SpeakYourMind is run by an editorial board independent of but with connections to The Next Step. The current issue was launched in the Unitarian Church on Wednesday 18th of September, by well known Cork City Councillor and local historian Kieran McCarthy. Proceedings were opened and speakers introduced by Tony Francis who heads up SpeakYourMind.

Tony opens proceedings

Key speaker Kieran McCarthy

Editor Billy Wolohan

 Aine Sweeney

Ger Long


SpeakYourMind magazine

Creative Minds

At the same time as the launch of SpeakYourMind, The Next Step opened Creative Minds - an exhibition of members' art.

Participant Involvement...

The Next Step sees as important the involvement of participants in the running of the organisation. We now have participants involved at all levels - on the committee, facilitating activities and as day volunteers ensuring the smooth running of The Next Step. We will continue to encourage and promote this. We feel that the involvement of participants is good for participants and good for The Next Step.

Governance Code Compliance...

The Next Step has been working on the development of policies and procedures to comply with the Governance Code. The Governance Code is a voluntary code for good governance in charities and community organisations. At The Next Step we believe that good governance is a must. We have been publishing our accounts and annual reports on this website since we started in 2011. At our committee meeting on 18th January 2017 we noted:

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland. 

We rely on our volunteers to manage our day to day activities. We appreciate their invaluable contribution.

We are ever grateful to our sponsors without whom we would be unable to deliver this level of service.

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THE NEXT STEP is a voluntary organisation and registered charity (Irish Charities Registration No. 20082505).

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